2020 Newness: The Inspiration Behind the "Limitless (Resort 2020) Collection"

Going into a new decade is a lot like staring through an airplane window on an inbound flight. Whether you've created an itinerary or planned to go with the flow, the time you spend looking out of that small frame onto the vast blue sky creates excitement and optimism. There are new, exciting adventures ahead!

The anticipation of newness, however, also can also produce fear. Like the plane you sit on, your hopes and dreams are suspended in the sky. You pray things will work in your favor. Your bucket list is ready. But, who knows what's ahead.

Truly, in those window seat moments, all you can do is be mesmerized by the vastness of opportunity in front of you. You know where you took off from. You know where you're going to land. And, you know that there is an unlimited number of possibilities awaiting you.

We're all flying into a new chapter of our lives. So, in celebration, we wanted to create a collection that can go wherever life takes you.

Comprised of soft blues, pinks and white, the Limitless Collection includes pieces that you can take on your next jet-setting adventure, wear to a conference, show off on a romantic date or kick back with the people you want to share the next decade with. Like you and your future, it is limitless. 

We hope you enjoy! Cheers to 2020! 


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